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Taaneri is a vast continent covering 22 million square miles.  Comprised of Eight unique countries, Taaneri exports the finest Wine and Beef from the various countries.  Formed by the Creator over ten-thousand years ago, Taaneri has been the subject of the watchful eyes of Orla and Moraug, the Gods of Balance. Orla commands the Sky and the Seas, while Moraug rules over the Earth and the Fires.

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Though isolated from the rest of Taaneri by the Izanami Mountains, Berac thrives on the wine exported to the rest of the world.  Saeet, the Capital of Berac is surrounded by wide sweeping planes of vineyards and the rolling hills that flow down from the mountains to its east.

To the North, Berac must deal with Na'Durian raiders who pillage the bordering villages and kidnap women and young girls for the Menazarian harems. Berac has a strong border army and often clashes with the northern raiders.


A land of fire and little else, Du'Gald is home to four volcanoes that occupy the majority the charred landscape leaving little room for inhabitants. There are few cities that dot the inhospitable landscape, and those that do are along the coast. Du'Gald has no central government, nor a Capital.  Each of the coastal cities governs themselves, led by nefarious pirates and merchants that sail the Taanerian waters.


The largest of the eight countries that make up Taaneri, Duenin spreads from the eastern shores to the Izanami Mountains in the West. King Hywel Tydar sits upon the throne in Morvean, the teeming Capital of Duenin, but across the river stands Sionaad.  Stronghold for the Severon Order, Sionaad stands with white stone and sends a long brutal shadow across the landscape. 

Duenin, once ruled by King Kell Wrenkin, sent the world into chaos when its armies attacked the island home of the Gods of Balance, Fin'Varrar. The consequences of the attack are still felt a thousand years later. 

A tenuous peace remains between Duenin and its neighbor, Kai'Vari. Though the Severon Order, and its leader, Orom Van Tydar, waits patiently for the right time to invade the Warrior nation.


Along with Kai'Vari, Ebevia, has suffered from the ambitions of Duenin's former King, Kell Wrenkin. In his ambitions to invade Kai'Vari he raided Ebevia for its rich timber resources. He razed the land, stripping it of its timber and of its self-respect. For a thousand years Ebevia has struggled to return to the lush forested country it used to be. On the throne in Aken, sits the young princess, Chiana Vorgest. There is little to stop the other nations of Taaneri from invading, all but the sympathy of the current King of Duenin, Hywell Tydar.


Once home to the Gods of Balance, Orla and Moraug, Fin'Varrar is now deserted after the invasion by Kell Wrenkin and his fleet of a thousand ships. For a tens of thousands of years Orla and Moraug lived on Fin'Varrar overseeing the mortals of Taaneri. Orla commanded the Seas and Wind while Moraug ruled over the Earth and the Fires deep beneath the surface.

Fin'Varrar was abandoned after Wrenkin's invasion. The native Fin'Varrarans and the Demigod Devians fled their island home for Kai'Vari and Paard and begged for safe haven among Duenin's enemies. The island stands as a reminder of the folly of the man that brought chaos to Taaneri.


Sandwiched between Du'Gald to the South and Duenin to the North, Kai'Vari is comprised of Nine Tohms, or families, ruled over by King Norden Da'Gaihen in the Capital of Sela'Char. Kai'Vari was once a land filled with bloody battles among the Nine Tohms until Leonhardt Da'Gaihen organized the Tohms. 

Kai'Vari was the target of King Wrenkin's ambition when he decided to invade the disorganized country, but his attack was a catalyst for Leonhardt's attempts to solidify warring Tohms into one fighting force. Once organized the Tohms fought back and pushed Wrenkin out of Kai'Vari.

Defeated, Wrenkin attacked Fin'Varrar as revenge for helping the Kai'Varians push back his overwhelming army. A consequence of his attack was the Seals that held the Gates of Abaddon shut broke and a flood demon graekul spilled forth from the earth attacking the unsuspecting Kai'Varians

The Veillen Order was the direct result of Wrenkin's machinations. Warrior's blessed by Orla's life essence they are able to defend Kai'Vari and the rest of Taaneri from the demons that have escaped Abaddon.  The Veillen Stronghold can be found in the mysterious forest of Midori. Forbidden by all except the Veillen and those they allow to enter, the Midori has protected the Veillen secrets for a thousand years.


A country of Merchants, Leyen is considered the Gateway to Duenin. Many of Duenin's imports come by way of Leyen. The Capital, Morra, is only a few days from the border and the Duenin merchant town of Shee. From Shee the goods are sent across Duenin.

Many Leyenese Merchant men pack their wagons and travel across Duenin selling their wares. Some have less honest intentions and kidnap the unwary women of Duenin to be sold to Menazarian, Na'Durian nobles, to live in their harems.

After many years of sudden disappearances, many Dueninians stay away from the Leyenese, but the merchants of Leyen are crafty and always find away to get what their clients want.


Ruled by the Menazarin at Mechar, Na'Dur is the second smallest country in Taarneri. Isolated from the rest of Taaneri, Na'Dur is surrounded by the Izanami Mountains and the deep fjords that cut deep into the mountainous landscape.

To the South, Na'Dur borders Berac and often raids the wine loving country for women and Berac's finest wine. Na'Dur and Berac have been in a constant battle for over two-hundred years, ever since the reigning Menazarin Dynasty took the throne.


Sharing a border with Kai'Vari and Du'Gald, Paardians have no qualms with the Kai'Varians and often will trade with the Veillen Guard in Var'Khundi.  Their main export is seafood and beef.  Northern Paard is part of the Izanami range, but flattens out into expansive rolling plains.  Paard has a strong Navy and their worst enemy at the moment are pirates from lands far from Taaneri. Folth, the Capital of Paard boast the largest cattle farm in Taaneri and exports the coveted meat to all corners of Taaneri.

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