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The Nine Progenitors

and the history of the Veillen

When Kell Wrenkin, Duenin’s power-hungry King, set his sights on Kai’Vari nothing could stop him from marching his troops across the Southern border. All that stood between Kai’Vari and its destruction was Orla, Goddess of Empyrean.  Orla had a great love for the people of Kai’Vari, her grandson, Devi, married a mortal from Kai’Vari. Enamored with the young mortal, Orla swore to her she would protect Kai’Vari from the machinations of King Wrenkin.

Taking to the field of battle, Orla pushed back the Dueninians with her power over the Skies and the Waters. With Kell Wrenkin and his forces defeated, the Kai’Varians worshiped Orla as their savior Goddess. They built temples and statues to pray to for Orla’s continued protection. The Kai’Varians grew complacent in their victory and paid no attention to what was happening across their Northern border.

While the Kai’Varians relaxed, Kell Wrenkin was planning his next invasion, though it was not Kai’Vari that held his attention. Wrenkin had set his sights on Fin’Varrar, the island home of Orla and Moraug, the Gods of Balance.  Wrenkin could only reach Fin’Varrar by water, and he needed a massive fleet to take the Island of the Gods. Duenin, not a heavily forested country, so Wrenkin marched his troops into Ebevia and razed the small nation of its timber and its resources.  There was little the Ebevians could as Kell Wrenkin destroyed their country.

Ten years pass before Wrenkin’s fleet of a thousand ships were ready to sail forth to Fin’Varrar. On the darkest of nights, he navigated his fleet down the Eastern coast of Taaneri and surrounded the small island. His men flooded Fin’Varrar and killed indiscriminately. Neither the native Fin’Varrans nor the Demigod Devians was spared. Wrenkin fought his way to the summit of the island’s mountain where he found Orla, Moraug, and the four Elemental Gods.

Wrenkin knew the powers bestowed upon the Gods of Balance originated in the Orbs they carried. Orla’s Orb of Empyrean granted her dominion over the heavens where the spirits spent their afterlife in merriment. While Moraug held the Orb of Abaddon, which gave him control over the underworld and sealed the Gates of Abaddon shut. Behind the gates were demons born from the corpses of corrupted men, known as graekull. Wrenkin also knew the Gods were not immortal and without their Orbs, they could be killed.

Wrenkin’s intention of killing Orla was waylaid when Moraug took the blade meant for his beloved. As Moraug lie dying, the Orb of Abaddon shattered releasing the gates it had sealed since the inception of time. Graekull flooded from the depths of Abaddon into Kai’Vari. Thousands upon thousands of people perished in the attack.


Orla, also wounded, managed to flee from Wrenkin’s soldiers to Kai’Vari. Seeing the destruction of Kai’Vari first hand, she knew something must be done. Her attendants carried her to the safety of the Midori, a forest thick with the spirits of Empyrean which protected Orla from the invading graekull. Once safe, she called forth the strongest warriors from each of the nine Tohms.

With the last of her life essence, she gifted each of the warriors the ability to bond with a spirit, known as the Velkuva. These spirits gave the warriors inhuman strength and allowed them to walk in the Veil, the realm between the mortal world and Empyrean. These nine warriors were known as Gee Hekt Perikuva, The Nine fathers. The Perikuva were the original Veillen and pushed back the invading graekull with the help of their Velkuva.

Raiken Da’Gaihen, the most powerful of the nine would become the leader of the Veillen, gathering forces across Kai’Vari he led the Perikuva in the days after the attack.


Torin Rin’Ovana, an expert tactician and strategist. Working with Raiken, he composed the plan to save Kai’Vari and destroy the demons.

Conleth Kin’Mont, a stealthy fighter, and an expert at recon. He provided the needed information to Torin and Raiken as they planned their attack. The Kin’Monts are still known for their stealthy acumen.

Sindri Dal’Rymple, an eccentric man, he devised all manner of traps to snare the graekull. He later became the architect for the Veillen stronghold, Var’Khundi.

Teige Fal’Traqer, the only man to defeat Raiken Da’Gaihen in a fist fight. Built as big as an ox, Teige could defeat a graekull alone. He was hot-tempered and often disagreed with Raiken’s plans.

Alastar Fal’Barbner, provided the Veillen forces with horses of the finest bloodlines. The Fal’Barbners were expert horsemen and still breed the war horses used in battle.

Adrian Ar’Bethnot, a sly confident man who became the voice of the Veillen. Not only an expert swordsman, but he was also an expert in the halls of Sela’Char. With his sly wit and cunning ways, he made sure the Veillen always had what they needed from the King. It was Adrian that convinced the King to give the Veillen autonomy to cross Tohm borders unimpeded.

Tollack Fan’Gorn was obsessed with the human body and perfected his healing medicines. He became the Veillen medic ensuring those that fought the graekull could continue in battle.

Ulf Pan’Dale was as loyal as any man could be. Ulf pledged himself to the Veillen order and became a trainer for their forces. As new Veillen appeared before them, he would train them in the methods of killing a graekull.

After many years of fighting the Nine Perikuva eventually met their end in battle. As their essence faded into the Veil, they became the Velkuva for the next generation of warriors born to fight the graekull.

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