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Artist Spotlight

I could not imagine The Elemental  Union without the talented artists who have helped bring my imagination to life. This section highlights all the fantastic artists who have contributed to The Elemental Union.

Marta Dec - the artist behind Devian and Veillen's front cover.


Working with Marta is a joy and a pleasure. She was the first artist to work on my series. She took my ideas and gave me several options for the front cover of Devian. After only a few revisions, she handed me the beautiful front cover. I receive many compliments on the art and often hear how striking it is.

Like all the artists I have hired so far, I found Marta on You can visit Marta's website to see all her beautiful pieces - including Devian. Not only does Marta do outstanding covers, but she is also a talented illustrator and has published her writing.

Marta does all my marketing material and formats the inside of the paperback and ebooks.

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