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Led by Arl Quemby Ar’Bethnot. The Ar’Bethnot Tohm is a family of aristocrats of the highest caliber. Known for their influence not only in Sela’Char but in all Kai’Vari. The Ar’Bethnots are also known for their trickery and machinations.


The Ar’Bethnots were one of three Tohms that were given a third of the Rin’Ovana lands after the dissolution of the Rin’Ovanas. Believing they are better than all others, the Ar’Bethnot treat the transplanted people of Rin’Ovana as servants.


Quemby has always felt the Ar’Bethnots should sit on the Throne at Sela’Char. Every ten years, the Arls of Kai’Vari meet at the Hanark’Ven and choose who the next King of Kai’Vari will be. For over five hundred years, the Da’Gaihens have sat on the throne. The Arls that have the second and third most votes are placed on the King’s Council.


Matriarch - Artreese

Patriarch - Bethnot



The Da’Gaihens have sat the throne of Kai’Vari for over five hundred years. King Norden Da’Gaihen rules Kai’Vari with a firm hand. Short to anger, but with a strong sense of justice.


The Da’Gaihen Tohm is led by Arl Carroll Da’Gaihen, first son of Maeve and Norden. He follows his father’s lead and rules over the Tohm with a firm hand. Though he takes his father’s counsel, he makes the decisions for the members of the Da’Gaihen Tohm and is poised to take the Throne upon his father’s death.


The Da’Gaihens have a long history of strong swordsmen who are often seen as the vanguards in any battle whether it be against demon or man. The second son, Gavin, is a nor’Veillen. Having reached the age of maturation, he has been sent to train in Var’Khundi with his cousin, Brom Da’Gaihen, a Tarkain of the highest caliber.


Matriarch - Dahl

Patriarch - Gaihen



The Dal’Rymple Tohm is known for their unique and inventive designs in architecture and their advancements in agriculture. Led by Arl Ryland Dal’Rymple, the eldest of the current Tohm Leaders and descendant of Sindri Dal’Rymple, one of the Nine Perikuva and Architect of Var’Khundi and Sindri’s Well.


Ryland is responsible for engineering water-powered grain production and water-cooled rooms. Ryland, along with Ar’Bethnot Arl, Quemby, is on the King’s Counsel and advises King Norden on infrastructure. His goal has always been to reconstruct the Arevelyan Road and restore the ruins of Kai’Vari that were destroyed when King Kell Wrenkin of Duenin attacked.


The Dal’Rymples design and build war machines to be used in defense of the border, though the Versperrin frown on the machinery the other Tohms embrace the inventions.


Matriarch - Dalman

Patriarch - Rymple



The Fal’Barbner Tohm is best known for their horses. Led by Arl Benjamin Fal’Barbner, the Horsemen of Kai’Vari raise warhorses and workhorses for the other Tohms, and the best are reserved for the Veillen Warriors.


The most well-known of the Fal’Barbner horses is Tor, the black warhorse ridden by Brom Da’Gaihen. A black beast that has carried the Veillen into hundreds of battles against the graekull that emerge from Abaddon.


The men of the Fal’Barbner Tohm are hardy and accustomed to hard labor. Regardless of their status in the Tohm, every member of the Fal’Barbner family is expected to work the land to ensure their horses have the best care. Even the young are raised around horses and are taught to handle them and train them from a very young age.


Matriarch - Falkner

Patriarch - Barbner



The Fal’Traqers are led by their prolific Arl, Antash Fal’Traqer. The father of four sons, Josten, Gin, Teppin, and Rubio and a daughter, Frea. The Fal’Traqers are known for their robust fighters who often stand far above the other Tohms.


Known for their fiery red hair and tempers that match, the Fal'Traqers are fierce warriors often called upon by their King. Like their crest, the Fal'Traqers, are built like Oxen and will often bully those they feel are lesser men.


Antash, as with all former Fal’Traqer Arls, claim land owned by the Pan’Dale Tohm. Often found raiding the neighboring Tohm, the Fal’Traqers have been sanctioned and punished by the crown and consequently, their Hold reduced over the hundreds of years since Leonhardt Da’Gaihen first organized the Tohms. The Fal’Traqers vaunt the only entrance to the Midori ion their lands, but can do nothing to stop the Veillen, who have autonomy and can cross borders without permission.


Matriarch - Falkner

Patriarch - Traqer



Well known for their morality on the battlefield, the Fan’Gorns, led by their Arl, Gage Fan’Gorn, have become the medics and healers during both war and peace. Called upon by the different Tohms to be trained in healing, Gage Fan’Gorn sends his Tohmsmen out across Kai’Vari to teach the other Tohms on healing.


One of their most prominent students is Moira Pan’Dale. Moira underwent the rigorous training provided by the Fan’Gorn and has become a skilled healer.


The Fan’Gorn Tohm is nestled in Southern Kai’Vari along the Du’Gald Border. Fan’Gorn is bordered by the Fal’Traqer and Fal’Barbner Tohms. With their proximity to the Midori and the Veillen Stronghold, Var’Khundi, the Fan’Gorns provide medical and healing support to the Veillen order.


Matriarch - Fanguyson

Patriarch - Gorn



The Easternmost Tohm, the Kin’Monts occupy a peninsula that overlooks Clover Bay and the Southern Sea. Led by Roguish Nathan Kin’Mont, the Kin’Monts are best known for their reconnaissance arts and stealthy warriors. Trained from an early age, the members of the Kin’Mont Tohm are expert archers and have often won the archery tournaments hosted in Sela’Char on Unification Day.

Due to its distance from Sela’Char, the Kin’Monts are far removed from Tohm politics and choose to isolate themselves from the other Tohms. Thought to be too secretive, the Ar’Bethnots have petitioned to absorb the Kin’Mont along with all their lands. If allowed the Ar’Bethnots would be the largest land over of all the Tohms, owning a third of all the land in Kai’Vari. Nathan Kin’Mont has threatened Quemby Ar’Bethnot with retribution if he attempts to steal any lands from the Kin’Mont people. Stationing his archers and stealth fighters along the border, the Kin’Monts watch the Ar’Bethnots with a close eye.

Matriarch - Kindale

Patriarch - Monteblain



Led by Orrven Pan’Dale, the Pan’Dale Tohm is one of the most fearsome and loyal Tohms in Kai’Vari. For over a thousand years the Pan’Dales have guarded the border between Kai’Vari and Duenin. This elite fighting force is known as the Versperrin and is comprised of members of all nine Tohms.


Warriors from every Tohm are sent to be trained by the Pan’Dales and serve a year on the Versperrin. Once their time is over, they are sent back to the Tohm’s corps of elite warriors. Due to the training fees garnered for instructing the other Tohms, the Pan’Dales have amassed a large number of funds. 


Pan’Dale sits high atop a plateau overlooking Menarik village and is often a stopping point for those traveling to the Veillen Stronghold. Orrven Pan’Dale is married to King Norden’s niece, Moira Da’Gaihen, and has high praise from the monarch of Kai’Vari.


Matriarch - Pannahoff

Patriarch - Dale



Known for their acumen with strategy and tactics, the Rin’Ovanas were once one of the most prestigious and wealthiest Tohms, but they fell out of favor with the monarchy after their Arl was killed in a devastating graekull attack. With no heir present, infighting ensued among the Tohm Elders until King Norden had to step in and stop the chaos.


Angry and grieving over the loss of his closest friend, Khort Rin’Ovana, King Norden removed the Rin’Ovana name from the Book of Tohms and split the land and people up among the three bordering Tohms, Ar’Bethnot, Dal’Rymple, and Da’Gaihen. The Rin’Ovana people had to give up their name and assume the name of the Tohm they were assigned. Warriors were stripped of their ability to fight in fear they may revolt against their new Arls.


The Rin’Ovana heir was lost the same day of its birth. Though many searched for the infant, it had disappeared along with Hemi Rhesida, the trusted servant of Khort and Sylvie Rin’Ovana.


Matriarch - Rinsvale

Patriarch - Ovana

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