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Amazon Reviews

“After catching a glimpse of this book's cover, I was instantly interested in the content of the story. Although the description of this book says that the author Shanna is brand new to the scene, her writing style flows like an experienced and prolific writer. She has done a great job of tingling my senses (even my 6th sense) with the vivid vocabulary selection, as well as the fictional but realistic locations depicted throughout the story. Each character is brought to life with memorable traits and distinct backgrounds, leaving lasting imprints in my mind of characters such as Sterling, Hemi, Brigit, and unfortunately Engram.

The quality that I enjoyed the most from this story's world is that this is not a fantasy world with overpowered characters who dominate the land with little effort. Some characters may have powers or abilities beyond what normal humans have, but they are portrayed in such a way that they are still as vulnerable as any other human being. Especially Sterling.

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the series and I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!” 

- Kris Kringle

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