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Author Shanna Bosarge

Fantasy author Shanna Bosarge is the creator of a popular web series set in the world of Taaneri. Inspired by her love of gaming as well as the fantastic worlds of Marco, Hennig, Miura, Ohba and Obata, she began the decade long task of designing her own universe – one that holds magic, hope, and the ever-present battle of good versus evil. In that universe, Ms. Bosarge presents characters who, each in their own way, encounter the true essence of The Elemental Union -- showing that conflict can and does lead to growth.

Ms. Bosarge holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, and she has used her education as well as her experiences in programming to help craft detailed and compelling characters who could just as easily appear in a multiplayer game as they could the pages of a book.

A successful business consultant and single mother, Ms. Bosarge carves time out of her schedule to visit Taaneri as much as she can, often without having to leave her home state of Georgia.

Photo by George Hunter​

If you'd like to contact Ms. Bosarge, please send her a message.

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