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In Veillen, book two of The Elemental Union series, we continue the tale as Sterling fights to control her
rising Devian powers.

Haunted by her time rotting in Sionaad, the Severon prison, she struggles to move on. Within her
nightmares, she is still a prisoner of the sadistic Engram, but she finds comfort in the arms of Brom
Da’Gaihen, a fearsome Veillen Warrior.

All Sterling wants is a place to call home where she can live in peace. But the people of Kai’Vari are
suspicious of her silver eyes and the curse they feel she brings to their village. As she learns more about
her Devian powers, she discovers a powerful presence lurking in the shadows of the Veil, willing to help
her with her plan for revenge.

Brom, while confronting Sterling, must train the next generation of Veillen. After a devastating battle,
Brom must decide if he dares push his young students into their joining early, knowing it is both
dangerous and possibly deadly.

The Severon are obsessed with resurrecting Kell Wrenkin, the god killer. Commander Engram and Orom
Vaan Tydar will stop at nothing to get their hands on the Key Shards. A devious plan unfolds as they
begin their search for the elemental keys and domination of all of Taaneri.

Between mastering her new powers and dealing with the Severon, she still has a lot to do before finding
the path she is destined to follow.

Narrated by Lou Lambert

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