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Kai'Vari stretches nearly the full length of Taaneri and is sandwiched between Duenin to the north and D'Ugald to the south.  It is the Second Largest Country on the continent of  Tanerri.  Western Kai'Vari is covered by dense plush forest while Eastern Kai'Vari is filled with rolling planes.  The coastal area of Kai'Vari are steep cliffs with no beach access.  Those Tohms that live along the coast have developed a very intricate ramp system in order to bring in the fish caught at see.  

There are Nine Tohms that make up Kai'Vari and in the far West the Midori Forest which is uninhabited except for the Veillen Stronghold of Var'Khundi.  Kai'Vari is littered with deep crevasses and gorges.  These are where the Graekull emerge from Abaddon.
In the Western Tohms they mainly raise sheep and cattle with some farms scattered throughout the Tohms.  Westerners are hardy and tend to be more on the violent side.  Eastern Tohms have more farms and the people are typically smaller and than the westerners.  They are also more refined and have not had to deal with the graekull as much as the Western Tohms.

Tohm  names have remained the same since they were first written in the Book of Tohms. The first part of the name comes from the Matriarch's surname while the second part of the name is from the Patriarch's surname.  Da'Gaihen was formed from the matriarch's surname, Dahl and the Patriarch's surname, Gaihen. A Kai'Varian can leave their Tohm and take on the name of another as long as they pledge their loyalty to the Arl. Every birth, death, and Tohm change is recorded in the Book of Tohms.


Foreigners from outside Kai'Vari are not permitted to take a Tohm Name.

Kai'Vari Map
Map of Kai'Vari.png


Tohm's Sigil: Raven [Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Prophecy, Curious, Adaptable, and Bad Luck]

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Tohm Sigil: Wolverine [Wild, Powerful, Courage, Resourceful, Uncompromising, Defense, Ferocious]

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Tohm Sigil: Fox [Voice, Sly, Smart, Manipulative, Cunning, Wealth]

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Tohm Sigil: Owl [Vigilance, Hunters, Wisdom, Keen Sight, Stealth, Guide to the Underworld]

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Tohm Sigil: Spider [Weaver, Writing, Architech, Engineers]

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Tohm Sigil: Horse [Vitality, Beauty, Power, Grace, Freedom, Nobility, Strength]

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Tohm Sigil: Swan [Medics, Healers, Moral Compass]

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Tohm Sigil: Bull [Fighting, Valor, Strength, Stamina, Confidence]

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Tohm Sigil: Hound [Companion, Guardian, Loya, Resourceful, Honest]

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