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Fandemic Tour done

It started as Atlanta Comic-Con and then combined with Fandemic Tour, but it was still a blast. I now realized how very popular The Walking Dead truly is. I'm typically not one to watch or enjoy zombie games or movies, but there are many people out there who live for it, and I'm happy that they have this crazy fandom to enjoy. I learned quite a bit about the intricacies of The Walking Dead.

I had a fantastic time with my booth mates, Ben Meeks, Bob McGough, and J.M. Tompkins. I learned so much about the writing industry and about my way of writing. These great authors have a unique take on their genres - Ben Meeks, with his Shifter series The Keeper Chronicles about a shape-shifting otter named Obie that takes place in the North Georgia mountains. Ben is working on his third book in the series and has some cool stuff planned in the future.

Bob McGough or Tales by Bob if you're on Instagram has his series about a Red-neck wizard in South Alabama. Bob was insanely popular with the con-goers this weekend.

J.M. Tompkins has a sci-fi novella series, Habitual Humanity, about near-future dystopian America that is so close to home it's frightening. J.M has the last two parts of her series coming out this year, along with a sci-fi serial killer novel coming in May.

Of course, I'm busy working on book two of The Elemental Union - Veillen, and I'm on the last few paragraphs before I polish it up to send back to the editors. I'm both nervous and excited to finish this second part of Sterling's journey to find her place in the world.

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